Meningkatkan Pembelajaran Keterampilan Vokasional Membuat Lampu Hias Melalui Metode Practise Rehearsal Pair Bagi Anak Tunarungu Kelas VII Di SLB 1 Linggo Sari Baganti

  • Reza Ramadhani Universitas Negeri Padang
  • Zulmiyetri Zulmiyetri Universitas Negeri Padang
Keywords: Deaf,decorative lamp made of PVC, practice reharsel pair


Improve Vocational Skill In Making Decorative Lamps Through The Rehearsel Pair Practice Method For Dear Children Grade VII At SLB 1 Linggo Sari Baganti. (Classroom Action Research At SLB 1 Linggo Sari Baganti). Thesis. Departemen Of Special Education. Faculty Of Science Education. Universitas Negeri Padanng. This research was conducted bsed on the problem found in SLB 1Linggo Sari Baganti. There are four students get lectures so that students get bpred quckly in the learning process. This study aims to determine the process of improving vocational skiil lamps from PVC pipes through method for research used is classroom action research with the aim of making decorative lights teachers using the practice rehearsel pair method. Crow condition AR students get 30,24%, AD get 15,05%, RE get 15,05% and DE 25,76%. In cycle 1 there was an increase increased to AR 96,15%, AD 71,15%, RE 70,38%, and DE 96,15. In cycly II increased to AR 96,15%, AD 96,15%, RE 96,15 ang DE 96,15%. In this cycle II students get the same score because the four students are able to do all the steps, its just that that the steps to cut the pipe accprding to the size pf the four students are still with assistance