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This study aims to analyze the causes of low-level salt production in Pidie Regency, Aceh Province, especially salt from Cebrek and Ie Leubeu villages. There are 200 salt production furnaces in Cebrek village and 80 salt furnaces in Ie Leubeu village with a maximum daily production of 40 tons and 16 tons salt respectively or equivalent to 14,600 tons and 5,850 tons of salt production per year. In theory, Pidie Regency has the potential to produce more than 20,000 tons of salt per year. In reality, farmers never achieve that maximum production. The main challenges for salt farmers are the absence of a market that accommodates salt produced by farmers. Farmers usually postpone production until all of their salt stock is sold out. Another problem is the entry of imported salt from abroad and the weak competitiveness of domestic salt products. Moreover, industries that use salt as raw material do not want to collaborate with local salt farmers because they do not believe in the ability and consistency of farmers' salt production.