Density Of Soil Macraofauna At Different Level Vegetation In The Gunung Leuser National Park Resort Tenggulun

  • Zulfan Arico Department of Biology, Faculty of Enginering, Samudra University. Langsa, Aceh, Indonesia
  • Sri Jayanthi Department of Biology Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Samudra University. Langsa, Aceh, Indonesia
Keywords: Macrofauna; Gunung Leuser National Park.


The litterfall in the forest is the main resource of nutrient cycles in the forest ecosystem. Soil macrofauna is part of the soil biodiversity an important role in the improvement of physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil through the process of immobilization and humification to maintain the availability of nutriens. This research was conducted to determine the density of soil macrofauna at different levels of vegetation density in Gunung Leuser National Park Resort Tenggulun. The results showed that there are 16 types of soil macrofauna found in Gunung Leuser National Forest Forest with details a high and low density of 12 species and medium density of 8 species. At high density obtained soil macrofauna of 17.6 individuls/m2, medium density 12,96 individuals/m2 and low density 9,12 individuals/m2. The higher level of vegetation density than higher macrofauna density of the soil.