Penerapan Model Two Stay Two Stray Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas V Sekolah Dasar

  • Irda Aziza Hasibuan Universitas Negeri Padang
  • Mansurdin Mansurdin Universitas Negeri Padang
Keywords: Two Stay Two Stray Model, Learning Outcomes


The background of this article writing is the low learning outcomes of students in elementary schools. The application of the Two Stay Two Stray model in integrated thematic learning is still not optimal. In the learning process the dominant teacher uses conventional teaching methods. This study aims to analyze the application of the Two Stay Two Stray learning model to improve student learning outcomes in grade V Elementary School. The Two Stay Two Stray model is a learning model that provides the opportunity for groups to share their work and information from the group that lives with students who serve as guests, to discuss the material discussed. The method of writing this article uses the literature study method. The author formulates a research problem, then continues by exploring research relevant to the topic of writing and then analyzes it. The data collection technique used non-test techniques, namely by tracing 35 accredited journals through Google Scholar. From the results of data analysis, it shows that the Two Stay Two Stray model can improve student learning outcomes with varying results. With the application of this model students become active, creative, and can socialize well.