Peningkatan Proses Pembelajaran Tematik Dengan Menggunakan Model Discovery Learning Di Kelas V

  • Ranti Dasra Universitas Negeri Padang
  • Mai Sri Lena Universitas Negeri Padang
Keywords: thematic integrated learning, Discovery Learning


The purpose of this study is to describe developing an integrated thematic learning procedure using the Discovery Learnig model in class V SDN 05 Paninggahan, Solok district. The form of PTK research used qualitative and quantitative approaches with 2 cycles. Experimental evidence is in the form of observations and experiments. The subjects in this experiment were teachers and students. The conclusion of the evaluation of RPP cycle I 76.56% (C), cycle II 93.75% (SB). The procedure for implementing the perspective of educators in cycle I 81.26% (B), cycle II 90.6% (SB). The perspective of students in cycle I 81.26% (B), cycle II 90.6%. Thus, the Discovery Learning model can advance the student learning process.