Efektifitas Teknik Modelling Dalam Meningkatkan Keterampilan Membuat Souvenir Dompet Bagi Siswa Tunagrahita Ringan

  • Sri Wahyuni Universitas Negeri Padang
  • Jon Efendi Universitas Negeri Padang
Keywords: Wallet souvenir skills, modeling techniques, mild mental retardation students


This research is supported by the problems found in SLB Muftia Rahma Agam, there are five grade VII students who have been directed to learning skills. Skills at school have not been maximized because there are no special skills teachers. School skills rarely use patchwork, usually only using flannel. Then when learning, the teacher prioritizes the lecture method and the division of different tasks for each student. This research uses pre-experimental research with one group pretest and posttest design. The aim is to prove that modeling techniques are effective in improving the skills to make souvenir wallets. The sampling technique of this research is saturated sampling technique. The data collection technique is an action test that is carried out during the pretest to determine the students' initial ability in making souvenir wallets, then given treatments using modeling techniques, and then given a posstest. The data collection tool was a research instrument which was developed based on the analysis task. The results of the pretest and posttest were processed and compared with the Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test using SPSS 23.It is known that the results of the analysis are 2.023 with a probability Asympg sig (2-tailed) from the Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test 0.043 means Asympg sig (2-tailed) is more small from the predetermined probability, namely α = 0.05 and the results of the acquisition of descriptive analysis obtained a pretest value of 38.40 and an average posttest of 90. So it can be concluded that modeling techniques are effective in improving the wallet souvenir skills for grade VII students with mild mental retardation in SLB. Muftia Rahma Agam.