Pemberdayaan Tenaga Kerja Tunarungu Dalam Proses Memilah Kopi Didaerah Alahan Panjang

  • Yogi Fajri Ramadhon Universitas Negeri Padang
  • Ardisal Ardisal Universitas Negeri Padang
Keywords: Labor, Empowerment, Deaf, Sortin Coffe


This study discusses the problems that the authors found in the Alahan Panjang area. This research started from observations carried out in the Alahan Panjang area as one of the areas that are developing coffee farming and processing coffee into coffee powder. Among the many farmers found one of the farming families that have children with deafness, namely deaf X who often helps his parents work in the garden like normal workers in general. This study aims to find out how the communication process carried out by deaf people X in the activity of sorting coffee. This research uses descriptive qualitative method. The research was conducted at the X deaf house in Simpang Tj Nan IV Alahan Panjang village. The data source was obtained from the research subjects, namely deaf X and other respondents. So that all data can be collected by researchers using observations, interviews, field notes and documentation studies. The results of this study revealed that deaf X is a child can live independently with his own work is proven by what deaf X is doing now. However, the lack of interaction with others makes X deaf communication a little limited. X who prefers a lot of activities at home makes X just used to working with people closest to him.