Efektivitas Teknik Reinforcement (Verbal) Untuk Meningkatkan Ketahanan Duduk Anak Autisme Kelas VII di SLB Autisma YPPA Padang (Single Subject Research)”

  • Nadiya Khairi R Universitas Negeri Padang
  • Kasiyati Kasiyati Universitas Negeri Padang
Keywords: Sitting Resistance, Children with Autism, Reinforcement, Verbal


This research was motivated by the discovery of a child with autism who had problems with sitting resistance. This study aims to increase the duration of sitting endurance for children with autism grade VII at SLB Autisma YPPA Padang. This type of research is an experiment in the form of a single subject (Single Subject Research) with the A-B-A design, the subject of this study is a child with autism, showing symptoms of low duration of sitting endurance. Data collection techniques in this study used duration to see how long the child was able to survive sitting while doing writing activities. Data analysis techniques using visual graph techniques. The results of this study indicate that the provision of verbal reinforcement can improve the sitting resistance of grade VII autism children at SLB Autisma YPPA Padang seen from the results of data analysis in conditions and between conditions.