Keterampilan Membuat Bunga dari Stocking Melalui Model Pemmbelajaran Explicid Instruction bagi Anak Tunarungu (Classroom Action Research)

  • Resa Imanda Universitas Negeri Padang
  • Ardisal Ardisal Universitas Negeri Padang
Keywords: Explicit instruction, deaf, stocking Flower


This research is motivated by the problems found at SLB N 1 Padang in class VIII deaf. Three children have problems making flower. the children not interested to learn because the materials used are less inovative. During the teacher the learning making of stocking flower the teacher uses demonstration and lecture mhetods. To overcome these problems, researchers are interested in improving children’s skills in making stocking flower using the explicit instruction leaarning model. The method used is classroom action research consisting of II cycle. The reasults show that children’s skills improve with children first skill 30,9 % for GN, 23,8 % for SR and 26,1 % for RG. After  using the explicit instruction leaarning model, then children final skills improve become 95,6 % for GN, 93,4 % for SR and 89,1 % for RG. Childrens learning outcome improve after applying the explicit instruction learning models